The 'No Ice' Wine & Champagne Bucket

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The 'No Ice' Wine & Champagne Bucket
  • The 'No Ice' Wine & Champagne Bucket
  • The 'No Ice' Wine & Champagne Bucket
  • The 'No Ice' Wine & Champagne Bucket
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    $199.00 AUD

The 'No Ice' Wine & Champagne Bucket

The Ice Age is over!- Latest technology

Hand made from high quality brushed stainless steel, the double wall design feature insulates the bucket allowing your wine and champagne to stay chilled for up to 2 that it would last that long!

This mirror finished piece enhances both the wine that you serve and table that you set. With its sleek, stylish and unique contemporary design, the Lux stainless steel 'No ice' wine & champagne bucket is an impressive centrepiece for any table setting on any occasion.

  • No need to pre chill, just pop your cold wine or champagne straight in and it will maintain the perfect temperature for as long as needed.

  • No more soggy wet bottles. No more drips, sweating or condensation. No more wet rings on your table. No water or ice needed. Latest technology- The Ice Age is over!

  • Sturdy non-slip Flat Base

  • Perfect for home, patio, restaurant, bar, caravan and boat use.

  • Easily holds all standard wine and champagne bottles

  • Wash with warm water and mild detergent

  • Weight approximately 1.7kg


Customer Review

"Great Gift- This is a no fuss, no mess, product - so easy to use. No chilling or ice required. Just put it on the table, set a chilled bottle of wine in it, and it will stay cool throughout your meal and beyond. I've given several as gifts, and everyone loves them. Their simple design coordinates with any tablescape. And the price is reasonable, too!" - Jenny C. (Victoria)


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